A hammertoe is a dislocation of the joint of any one of the toes. It is described as a hammertoe because it bends under like a claw, or like the hammer in a piano.Usually, a corn or callus will form on either the end of the toe or on the prominent portion of the toe from excessive shoe pressure. These types of toes can be hereditary in nature, or the deformity can be the result of faulty foot function. This deformity may be quite flexible at first but damage to the affected joint eventually results in a rigid deformity. If you are suffering from a hammertoe, contact A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Center today!

Hammertoe Treatment Options

Several types of treatment are available for hammertoes. Conservative care would include trimming the corn or callus, and padding to reduce shoe pressure. However, this does not correct the hammered condition. The only way to correct the deformity is with a minor surgical procedure, generally performed under local anesthesia. In cases in which surgical intervention may not be advisable, special types of shoes or functional orthotics can be prescribed by your podiatrist in order to accommodate the hammertoe condition.

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