Although calluses may form anywhere where pressure, friction or abnormal weight distribution exist, they most often are seen on the ball of the foot and on the edges of the toes and heels. They develop as protection against irritation or blistering.

Calluses may or may not be painful, but direct pressure on them usually causes some discomfort.

Calluses may be aggravated by ill-fitting shoes but often are caused by underlying deformity or faulty foot function.

Treatment of Calluses

Orthotic devices to improve foot function and more widely distribute pressure often are effective in relieving the pressure and resulting pain. Surgical repair of the hammertoe, bunion or other deformity may stop the callus from forming.

Conservative treatment methods generally consist of periodic trimming of the callus by a podiatrist, along with the use of specially fitted protective pads made of felt, latex, foam rubber or lamb’s wool. Soaking in warm water, followed by filing with a pumice stone or emery board may bring temporary relief. The best remedy is to eliminate the friction or pressure that caused the callus.

In no circumstance should you ever cut into a callus. If it has reached a size that demands cutting, see your podiatrist.

A thorough examination by a podiatric physician can help determine whether your calluses are caused or aggravated by other health problems, and what remedies should be considered.

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