Functional orthotics can relieve your foot, leg, and back pain caused by several different foot conditions as well as improve your performance as a runner or skier.

In simple terms, a functional orthotic is a precisely made balancing device that fits into your footwear. Orthotic inserts improve foot function by controlling excessive or unnecessary motion while standing, walking, or running.

Biomechanics is the study of motion and movement. The importance of biomechanics is easier to understand when we realize that each and every person has a very individualized anatomy, based on familial characteristics. We are all different sizes, shapes, strengths, flexibility, etc. Nowhere in the body are these individual characteristics more evident than in the feet. The relative size and spacing of the bones, the height of the arch, ligament tensions, and so forth vary widely.

Along with individualized anatomy, we must consider the limitless variety of jobs and athletic activities in which a person participates when working with the footwear designed for the so-called “normal foot”. Is it any wonder that foot, leg, and back pain are so prevalent in today’s society?

Functional orthotics are fabricated over a model of your foot, which captures your individual characteristics: arch height, bone size, and pressure points. The materials used in making the orthotic inserts will vary depending on your individual needs. Some are quite rigid, others flexible, while others may be a combination of materials. Each orthotic insert is specifically designed to control excessive or abnormal motions, thus relieving the associated pain caused to the foot while also helping to restore proper foot function.

Biomechanically Designed Orthotic Devices

Biomechanically designed orthotic devices are effective in treating many athletic injuries. These individualized orthotic devices are particularly helpful because of the added demands on an athlete’s feet and legs. Early diagnosis and treatment often can prevent or lessen the severity of an injury and keep an athlete in the game.

In summary, the professional examination and fabrication of biomechanical orthotics can provide considerable relief for foot, leg, and back pain, as well as improve the performance of runners, skiers, and other athletes.

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