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– A New Solution to Hammer Toe Treatment


What Is VeriFixx®?

VeriFixx™ is a 510(k) cleared (K202777) titanium-coated PEEK implant for Hammer Toe correction.


Designed to reduce:

  • Time in surgical shoe/boot
  • Time to resumption of the activities of normal life
  • Patient reluctance to undergo Hammer Toe correction due to recovery time
  • Hammer Toe correction failures

Early Patient Experience

  • Patient satisfaction over 4 weeks has shown to be 10/10
  • Able to wear regular shoes faster than prior techniques
  • No correction failures

Patient Examples: 

Typical Patient

Status at 3 Weeks

  • Pain Score: 0
  • Swelling/Irritation: 0
  • Patient Satisfaction: 10
  • Normal Footwear
  • Returned to Normal Activity

* 3 Months Post Correction

Dr. Robert Schulte, a Ft. Collins foot and ankle surgeon is using a new solution for Hammer Toe. The new solutions is an FDA cleared Hammer Toe implant called VeriFixx™. The implant was designed to reduce pain, reduce recovery time and reduce the incidence of requiring a 2nd procedure.

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