A corn is a hard shield the foot develops to defend itself against pressure, irritation or friction.

The pressure or friction that most commonly causes corns is produced simply by shoes. The shoe rubs against joints, usually the toes, until nature feels the damage and starts to build a protective layer of hard, dead skin. The longer the pressure continues, the worse the corn gets.

There is usually an underlying hammertoe deformity causing one of the joints or the end of the toe to get more pressure.

Soft corns may form between the toes, as a result of pressure from one toe rubbing against its neighbor. And know that corns have no age limit. Even children often develop corns.

Treatment of Corns

If you have a corn, home treatment might consist of soaking the foot in warm, soapy water, then using a pumice stone or fine emery board to file the surface of the corn. This should be done carefully and gently, so as not to damage healthy tissue. Wearing a doughnut-shaped pad can help ease the pressure on your corn.

If pain still persists, seek professional help. Never use a sharp instrument to cut or probe a corn.

Perhaps the most important and effective treatment for corns is finding and correcting the problem that caused the corn in the first place, whether it be deformity, disease, biomechanical dysfunction, or simply wearing the wrong shoes.

A thorough examination by a doctor of podiatric medicine can help determine whether your corns are caused or aggravated by other health problems and what remedies should be considered.

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