1. High heels may cause harm to muscles

    High heels may cause harm to muscles The structure of the foot is just not meant to be crammed in the shoe that way. It puts the body in a very unnatural position. Read the article by clicking on the picture. So many to pick from!!…Read More

  2. Congratulations Tom and Jan!

    Congratulations Tom and Jan!  Welcome Miles August Murphy. Weighing in at 7 lbs, 19.5 inches, Miles is Tom (our office manager) and Jan’s 3rd child. Awe, what a cutie! Are you expecting or know anyone who is? Here’s a simple baby shower game for those left-brained guests at the party. It’s…Read More

  3. Who would have known?

    Who would have known? Alec Baldwin is one of 79 Million Pre-Diabetics! Read the article to find out how he was able to shed 30 pounds. 30 Pounds Lighter…Read More

  4. Famous Feet

    Famous Feet Celebrities have common foot ailments as well! Who does this bunion belong to?… A) Tyra Banks B) Kelly Rowland C) Iman D) Brandy E) Serena Williams…Read More

  5. Take the Foot Quiz

    Take the Foot Quiz Here’s a fun quiz to take about feet. There’s 12 questions. How many did you get correct? Take the quiz…Read More

  6. Love those High Heels!!

    Love those High Heels!! Don’t you just LOVE those high heels. Read this article to find out what they are doing to your feet and some remedies. Click the picture below. Happy Valentine's Day…Read More

  7. Diabetes Isn’t a Laughing Matter

    Diabetes Isn’t a Laughing Matter Although the below cartoon is funny, people with diabetes isn’t. Read this article for essential foot care tips for people with diabetes. Fortunately, this isn’t one of our doctors…Read More