1. Toenail Infections

    Toenail Infections Toenail infections can lead to ingrown toenails. Click the below link to learn what causes them and what can be done to prevent them.…Read More

  2. Congratulations, Dr. Burns!!

    Congratulations, Dr. Burns!! Michael J. Burns, DPM   Congratulations to Dr. Michael Burns to being named one of “America’s Most Influential Podiatrists” from Podiatry Management. The podiatrists chosen were selected for their hard work, devotion and achievements they have given to the podia…Read More

  3. Exercise is good for your feet too!

    Exercise is good for your feet too! Exercise can not only help with your health and waistline but can also help your feet, especially with foot ulcers. Read the below article for great information. No Pain, No Gain…Read More

  4. Fighting Foot Woes

    Fighting Foot Woes So what are the five most common types of foot problems and what causes them? Here are some tips from today’s podiatrists: Click the link below to find out! OUCH!!…Read More

  5. Footwear that doesn’t hurt!!

    Footwear that doesn’t hurt!! Do your feet hurt? Can’t wear those strappy sexy heels anymore? Well, think again!! Watch this video and read the article!! Footwear without Pain!!…Read More

  6. Your foot size may change during pregnancy

    Your foot size may change during pregnancy When was the last time you had your feet measured? If you can’t quite remember, your so-called tried-and-true shoes may have your feet crying out for a different size. Who are you again?…Read More

  7. Questions & Answers

    Questions & Answers Do you have any questions regarding our practice, our staff or foot/ankle questions in general? Post your question and we will try to answer it. Let me think about that!…Read More

  8. The Best Baby Shoes

    The Best Baby Shoes What shoes are best for baby and/or toddlers? It seems like we’re constantly buying shoes for them. Read this article. Hopefully it will help. What a cute Baby!!!…Read More