Morton’s neuroma is the most common type of nerve tumor in the foot. This tumor is a benign traumatic enlargement of a nerve in the ball of the foot. It can be caused by injury, but usually is the result of faulty foot function or structure. These factors can generate frequent irritation to the nerve and subsequently cause an enlargement of that nerve, commonly called a neuroma.

Frequently neuromas causes a burning pain localized in the ball of the foot. This burning sensation may sometimes change to a “pins and needles” type of tingling feeling that may travel into the toe or back into the entire foot. The most typical symptom is severe pain in the ball of the foot suddenly while you are walking, which may go into the middle toes. If you stop walking, take off your shoe and massage your foot, the pain usually will ease after several minutes.

If you suffer from these symptoms, it is advisable to see your podiatrist. After a careful examination to determine the cause of the pain, the foot specialist will be able to prescribe the proper program of treatment. This may include conservative measures such as an injection to calm down the nerve inflammation or orthotics to reduce the chronic irritation.

In severe cases in which the neuroma does not respond to conservative treatment, removal of the nerve tumor may be necessary to obtain relief. This is a minor surgical procedure often performed in the podiatrist’s office.

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