The toe bunion ranks along with corns and calluses as major causes of foot problems and misery. We say misery because discomfort is too mild of a word when it comes to these pesky little things.

A toe bunion is the progressive movement of the great toe toward the second toe with a resulting “bump of bone” on the side or top of the big toe joint. Heredity and faulty foot function are the most common cause of bunions. The longer bunions exists, the more the great toe moves over, and the larger the bump becomes. Toe bunions can be very painful, unattractive, and ultimately cause the great toe joint to become arthritic or even dislocated. The crooked great toe will crowd the lesser toes in a shoe, which can cause the patient to walk improperly — leading to arch, leg, or back pain.

Treatment Of Bunions

Three primary ways exist to treat toe bunions:

  1. Oral or injectable anti-inflammatory medication to relieve acute symptoms.
  2. Orthotic inserts to bio-mechanically reduce the forces causing the bunion to develop. This can often eliminate pain in a mild to moderate deformity.
  3. Surgical correction of the malalignment to relieve symptoms both now and in the future.

Some people believe that a bunion correction requires cumbersome casts, extensive hospital stays, and lengthy loss of time from work and daily routines. Fortunately, that is not the case. Most patients suffering from bunion deformities have surgery performed on an outpatient basis, thus allowing early ambulation and return to normal activities.

Bunion deformity is absolutely treatable. No one should have to suffer the pain and annoying deformity of this condition. Contact A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Center today to speak to your local podiatrist and learn which treatment will be best for your toe bunions.

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