Ingrown toenails are the result of the nail edge embedding itself into the skin. Measures everyone can use to avoid ingrown toenails include:

  1. Keep the nails clean. Use a brush, forward and backward, to keep the cuticle back and free of irritation.
  2. Always trim the toenails straight across. This helps keep the leading edge of the nail from penetrating the skin.
  3. Wear shoes that are the proper width and length. Excessive shoe pressure tends to push the adjacent skin toward the nail, making ingrown nail problems more frequent.

Treatment of Ingrown Nails

If an ingrown nail is developing, self-treatment should consist of soaking the affected toe in warm water, packing cotton into the groove between the nail and flesh in an attempt to prevent the nail edge from piercing the skin, and avoiding tight shoes and stockings. If self-treatment provides only temporary relief and ingrown nails are a recurring problem–or infection develops–the ingrowing border of the nail should be permanently removed by your podiatrist. This is a minor procedure usually performed in the office.

An acute ingrown nail is accompanied by pain, swelling, redness and infection. Should you find you have an acute ingrown nail, see your podiatrist who can recommend treatment. This may include antibiotics and removal of the offending nail border.

We understand the concern of patients who suffer from the pain, cost and disability associated with ingrown nails. Podiatrists are trained to treat ingrown nails efficiently with minimal pain and disability.

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