Gout is a silent disease that affects many people in America, especially men. It’s possible to have gout and not experience symptoms for years. Some people with gout may only experience a few attacks in their lifetime, while others may develop painful, crippling, gouty arthritis within ten years of the initial attack if it is not properly treated.

Gout is caused by a disturbance of the uric-acid metabolism of your body. Briefly, some food we eat and other substances in our bodies, naturally convert to uric acid. However, if our body doesn’t properly process uric acid, it forms tiny pointed crystals that may be deposited in the joints of the toes, ankles, and knees–along with other parts of the body–where they produce inflammation, swelling, and pain.

The onset of gout may be partly due to heredity, but obesity, alcohol consumption, and poor eating habits also play a role. If left untreated, the deposits of uric acid crystals will become larger and more debilitating. Attacks may become more frequent and painful, and eventually can affect the kidneys and other organs.

Although acute attacks of gout usually last several days and are accompanied by swelling, redness, and severe pain, you can have gout without these attacks. As mentioned above, gout is a silent disease that you may not know you even have until one of these attacks occurs. 

If you’re experiencing pain and swelling of a joint–most often at the base of the big toe–you may have gout, and should check with your local podiatrist at A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Center for a professional evaluation and gout treatment. With proper medication, gout is one of the most easily and successfully treated of all the arthritic diseases. Don’t suffer needlessly, contact our foot and ankle specialists today

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