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Tips from a Podiatrist

Tips from a Podiatrist

Size yourself up.  Have your feet measured every few years―especially after a pregnancy or if your weight has changed. Don’t just routinely buy the size you’ve always worn, because wearing shoes that are too small can exacerbate foot problems, like bunions, corns, and hammertoes.

Change your shoes.  You shouldn’t wear the same heel height every day. Even half an inch of difference changes the pressure on the foot and stretches out the Achilles. Take that as a good excuse to buy those cute flats or kitten heels.

Banish bare feet.  When you go barefoot or wear shoes that have no arch support or motion control (like flip-flops), the plantar fasciae, the connective tissue that runs under the feet to the heels, can get overworked. The result is often heel pain.

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