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Spring Cleaning Shoe Organization

Spring Cleaning Shoe Organization

Could our weather be more beautiful? I think not.  If you’re anything like me come springtime, you want to de-clutter, organize and clean (or maybe just one of the three).  Our closets can become a disaster and our shoe collection a heaping pile of mismatched chaos.  Does this photo look all too familiar?

What to do with all those shoes?  Well, if you can’t find it in your heart to part with any of them – organize them.  There are so many ways to do this, with the obvious being a shoe rack.  But sometimes lack of space becomes a bigger problem than the mess itself.  Well, have no fear!  I’m here to share some tips that work well no matter what your situation.

There’s always the over-the-door shoe organizer with pockets to stuff your shoes (and other things) into.  And the aforementioned shoe rack, which can be on the floor, a shelf, or the back of a door.  Clear shoe boxes look fantastic stacked neatly on a shelf or floor too. If there isn’t any room in your closet, under-the-bed storage is always a nice option.  Of course, there are storage closets of all shapes and sizes, but one must have the room to add a piece of furniture to their space and these tend to cost quite a bit more than other alternatives.  There are many varieties of these storage solutions ranging in price points from moderate to inexpensive.  Personally, I am partial to things that cost next-to-nothing or even better, are FREE!

You can find any and all of these storage solutions for free through or (there’s one in almost every city) if one becomes available.  Or, instead of waiting for one, just ask for one.  If you don’t have the energy to look for free items, resort to the packaging your shoes came in – shoe boxes!  That’s what I do.  Many of us experience temporary memory loss of what’s in those shoe boxes because there’s just too many.  (I may or may not be guilty of this.)  The solution…pictures.  Just snap a photo of one shoe from each pair, upload to your computer, print them on your printer (you can use plain ol’ printer paper and regular settings), cut them out, tape to the front side of your boxes, and voila – no more guessing what’s inside!

But, what if you have a plethora of flip flops?  Storing them by any of these methods seems to be a waste of space, but not if you store them like this!  I stumbled across this most adorable and efficient way to hang your flip flops on those hideous wire hangers that many of us tend to stray from.  It’s a tutorial on how to make (yes, craft) these simple little miracles.  And, it can be FREE!  Genius, I say.

I hope this has inspired you get organized.  Once you start with your shoes, you’ll want to move to the rest of the closet and maybe even to drawers and cupboards.  Fortunately, we have a weekend to tackle and tame.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go for it…you’ll feel so accomplished and refreshed when you’ve finished.

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