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Brent in Hobart, Tasmania

Brent in Hobart, Tasmania

Need ideas for a vacation?

Well, Brent, one of our assistants here at A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle Center, recently visited Tasmania with his family!  He spent 5 weeks in Hobart, Tasmania over Christmas and enjoyed kayaking the Huon River, visiting Bonarong Park, spear fishing, and of course visiting the various beaches Tasmania has to offer.  Brent says the Tasmanian Devils, which are an endangered species, along with Kangaroos, Wallabies, Blue Tongue lizards, and Wombats were the highlight attraction at Bonarong Park.  For those of you who’s vacations revolve around food (I’m guilty!)–his favorite ethnic cuisine included meat pies (similar to a pot pie), sausage rolls (a puff pastry filled with minced meat), tim tams (cookies!), and hot chips with gravy and/or chicken salt (smothered french fries).  How delicious!  Tasmania… here I come.  Thank you for the pictures Brent!

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