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A Proven Treatment for Neuropathies

A Proven Treatment for Neuropathies

Do you suffer from?

• Numbness / burning pain

• Leg cramping

• Sharp, electrical-like pain

• Pain when you walk

• Difficulty sleeping due to leg and foot discomfort

• Prickling or tingling in the feet

If so, you may have neuropathy – a condition that 22 million people suffer from, and we have a proven treatment.

This exclusive treatment increases blood flow to the nerves in the feet, allows the nerves to heal naturally and may return your feet to normal with no surgery or addictive medications. Patients saw an 87% reduction in their pain symptoms. In fact, on a scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most pain), the average pain score went from 7.9 to 1 with no negative side effects.  Best of all, one year after treatment, ALL reporting patients were still pain and symptom free from Neuropathies!

In addition to long-term relief, patients reported an improved quality of life that included pain-free sleep, improved balance, better strength, and ability to exercise. Some patients that were walking with canes or even walkers, reported that they no longer needed them! Going grocery shopping was no longer an issue. This is a clinically proven treatment for neuropathy that has shown drastic improvements with no side effects.  You may have seen other physicians who tried oral medications such as Cymbalta and Lyrica, Anodyne light therapy or even laser and physical therapy.

 A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Center is offering a different, clinically proven treatment that can help your neuropathic pain.  You may have sought relief for years and found no help…. until now! There is finally a proven treatment that provides longterm relief of neuropathies, and it is available through our clinics. Stop suffering and get the relief you so desperately need!

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