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Paint your Piggies

Paint your Piggies

This weather just makes me want to sing, dance…do cartwheels.  The buds on the trees are emerging, birds are singing, days are longer and brighter…spring is in the air, and it’s beautiful!

It’s this time of year when we want to unleash our toes from the shoe-prisons they’ve been in all winter long and don sandals, flip-flops and other shoes that allow our feet to breathe.

Now, most of us girls (and guys too) know we can’t just slip on a sandal without removing the winter blues from our feet.  Bring on the pedicures, I say!  I did just that this past weekend at a fantastic and affordable nail salon in Fort Collins.  For $30, I received the works, including hot towels wrapped around my lower limbs, and a polish to ready my peds for spring-time footwear.  And probably most importantly, for me, is that I got to relax for an hour while my feet were transformed back into the baby-soft beauties that nature intended.  Jenni has other levels of pedicures available, too, if you’re in a rush or need to relax a bit longer than I did.  She also does manicures, artificial nails and waxing, and she’s just as brilliant at those services.

I bet you’re wondering where you can find this hidden gem of a nail salon?  Well, wonder no longer.  Allow me to share the wealth:

Perfect Touch Nails Spa, 1119 W Drake Rd., Ste C-28, Fort Collins, CO  80526.  970.691.6031

Go get your peds pampered!  Your feet will thank you.

Happy Spring!

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