Are Your Feet The Same Size?


Most people's feet are not the same size! This can lead to foot pain and other problems. Many foot problems seen in modern times simply did not exist when people went barefoot.

So why do we wear shoes?
Unshod feet are easily injured ... cut, bruised, or broken ... and are subject to the ravages of heat, cold, sun and wind. Bare feet are particularly susceptible to infections and parasites.

Why do our shoes cause so much trouble?

Poor fit is the major problem!

Today, shoes are sold in pairs of equal size and dimension, even though in most people the right and left feet are not the same size or shape. Therefore, shoes that fit one foot correctly seldom fit the other foot as well.

What's the answer ?
Think how wonderful it would be if stores sold right and left shoes separately. Of course, some people have shoes custom made or buy two pairs in order to get shoes that fit each foot properly. But that is not always practical.

So, when buying a pair of shoes, it is almost always better to select shoes that fit the larger foot, since allowing extra room for the smaller foot causes fewer problems than pinching or distorting the larger foot in a cramped space.

For the same reason, shoes should be fitted late in the day, since your feet usually are somewhat smaller in the morning and bigger at the end of the day. When one shoe is slightly too large, it can usually be made comfortable with an extra insole.

If the above suggestions don’t enable you to find shoes that fit comfortably, there may be underlying functional or structural problems. Consult your podiatrist for assistance.

Doctors of podiatric medicine specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of foot conditions.

Can podiatry help your foot problems ?
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